Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to PO Boxes due to postal regulations. 

How Do I Place An Order?

There are a few ways you can place an order. If you would like to buy our products directly from us, click HERE. If you would like to buy our products in your area, click HERE to find out where our products are sold. If you are a store and would like to buy our products wholesale please email us HERE.

Payment Options

All of our online payments go thru PayPal. Paypal allows you a lot of ways to pay for your purchases. You will be automatically connected to Paypal upon check out when you place your order. Wholesale customers Please contact us HERE.

How Much Should I Dilute The Z-Cleaner™ Concentrate?

Dilution for Z-Cleaner™ Concentrate is as follows depending on the job:

Light Cleaning - 20% Z-Cleaner to 80% Water

Medium Cleaning - 30% Z-Cleaner to 70% Water

Heavy Cleaning - 40% Z-Cleaner to 60% Water

Extra Heavy Cleaning - 50% Z-Cleaner to 50% Water

You can use Z-Cleaner™ as strong or a weak as you need. Just remember we strongly suggest you test it on a small inconspicuous are first. Z-Cleaner™ is a very strong a powerful cleaner. Do not use on Painted Wood, Clear Plastic or Glass unless strongly diluted.

Which Currency Do You Use?

All prices of our Z-Tuff Products™ are in US Dollars.

Secure Ordering

Our online ordering is secure and safe. We use PayPal as our processor and we never receive your credit card information.

Do You Ship To My Country?

Currently, we ship only to the USA.

Can I Cancel My Order?

If you write us an email HERE within the same day and if we haven't already shipped your package to you, you may contact us to cancel your order.

Shipping Charges and Information

Our shipping charges are based weight and distance of your order. 

Weight Range are as follows:

0.00lb to 9.00lbs = $ 8.95

9.00lbs to 19.00lbs = $11.95

19.01lbs to 25.00lbs = $16.95

25.01lbs to 80.00lbs = $29.95

80.01lbs to 81.00lbs = $36.95

81.01lbs and Up = $46.95*

* Heavier shipments will be addressed and charged on a case by case basis.

* If you have your own FedEx account number we would be more than happy to send it on your account number, just let us know by contacting us HERE. 


We Ship usually within 1 to 2 business days once order is placed.

At Z-Tuff Products, we truly value our customer’s satisfaction, which is why we will try and handle any problems or issues fairly and honestly. We provide various shipping options from Federal Express, United Parcel Service and USPS to best fit your specific needs; please contact us directly should you need the product faster. We currently use FedEx Ground and our preferred shipper. 

FedEx -

▪ Ground 

▪ Express Saver

▪ 2 Day

▪ Standard Overnight

▪ Priority Overnight


▪ Ground

▪ 3 Day Select


▪ First Class

▪ Priority Mail

Note: Only Fed Ex ground is available at checkout. Please contact us if you would like it shipped by other means prior to placing your order.

Shipping To Canada and other counties: We currently do not ship outside of the USA unless you do the following:

International Shipping: If you want to place an order for outside the USA, you will need to contact a freight forwarding company. All International shipments are FOB our dock in Florida, USA. You will be required to pay for all taxes and duties.

Tracking Info: Tracking information will be available in an email once your products ships.

What Are The Secret Ingredients Used In Z-Cleaner™?

All Z-Tuff Products™ formulations are proprietary and are a closely guarded and patent pending. Z-Tuff Products™ formulation can generally be described as a proprietary non-hazardous industrial strength detergent blend cleaner degreaser. Z-Tuff Products™ Z-Cleaner™ unique combination of performance and safety are not as much about “secret ingredients” as they are about innovative development and manufacturing and our commitment to develop comprehensive cleaning solutions.

Our products are the result of extensive experience in the field and exhaustive laboratory development and testing, an expensive and time consuming process. Most companies that sell cleaning chemistries are unable or unwilling to undertake similar development processes because it is easier and much less expensive to simply market the existing commodity formulas. Z-Tuff Products focuses its energies on finding ways to take basic cleaning elements, such as water and agitation, and making them efficient enough to outperform hazardous chemistries.

The result of our approach is a quality product offering that is truly different, rather than an exhaustive line of “me too” chemicals that offer no real advantages.

Return Policy & Terms and Conditions:

Z-Tuff Products reserve the right to replace or refund any of our products at our sole discretion. Z-Tuff Products is not responsible for any damages as a result of misuse, improper use, damage or mishandling or spilling our products. We are not responsible for consequential damages of any kind.

Privacy Policy

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