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Introducing Z-Wash & Wax™ Concentrate – the ultimate soap enriched with an abundance of Carnauba and polymer wax, marking a revolutionary approach to surface care. This exceptional formula seamlessly combines superior performance with environmental responsibility, proudly featuring both biodegradability and eco-friendliness.

Z-Wash & Wax™ serves as your all-in-one solution, meticulously crafted for application on a diverse range of surfaces such as fiberglass, painted surfaces, metals, wood, plastics, and any other area cleaned with water. Experience the convenience of this extraordinary Wash & Wax solution, designed not only to preserve the existing wax on boats, RVs, or cars but also to effectively minimize spotting and streaking.

Key Features of Z-Wash & Wax™ Concentrate:

  1. Unparalleled Performance: The unique blend of Carnauba and polymer wax in Z-Wash & Wax™ Concentrate delivers exceptional performance, effortlessly providing a high-shine, waxed finish.

  2. Enhanced Formula: With superior suds and a delightful scent, the updated formula ensures a more enjoyable and satisfying cleaning experience.

  3. Environmental Responsibility: Aligned with eco-conscious practices, Z-Wash & Wax™ Concentrate is 100% biodegradable, offering a guilt-free choice for your cleaning needs.

  4. Non-Flammable: Prioritizing safety, Z-Wash & Wax™ Concentrate is proudly non-flammable, ensuring secure handling and storage.

Elevate your cleaning routine with the power of Z-Wash & Wax™ Concentrate – the preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike seeking unmatched cleanliness and shine. Experience the difference and understand why Z-Wash & Wax™ Concentrate sets a high standard for both performance and environmental responsibility.


*Please see FAQ page for dilution instructions. 


*Please see FAQ page for dilution instructions. 

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Z-Wash & Wax™ Concentrate – the ultimate soap enriched with an abundance of polymer wax, redefining the concept of surface care. This remarkable formula combines superior performance with envir...