Z-Cleaner™ 1 Gallon Super Concentrate

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Z-CLEANER™ Super Concentrate has earned its reputation as an exceptional product. Boat US conducted a blind test comparing it with competitors, and Z-CLEANER™ secured the top spot, being rated #1 for its versatility. With non-toxic, nonflammable, and biodegradable attributes, it is tailored to address challenging cleaning tasks in diverse environments like boats, campers, trailers, golf carts, and homes. Initially designed for tough jobs on vinyl seating, its effectiveness extends to various surfaces including fiberglass, inflatable dinghies, boat hulls, engine rooms, awnings, decks, rubber products, outdoor furniture, and more. In addition to its prowess in lifting dirt, eliminating grime, and erasing black streaks, Z-CLEANER™ also provides a protective, stain-inhibiting finish.

Z-Cleaner™ takes pride in its distinction as the #1 Rated Cleaner by Boat US, underscoring its exceptional cleaning prowess and unparalleled effectiveness.

You can trust that Z-Cleaner™ distinguishes itself from the competition by completely avoiding the use of bleach, chlorine, or acid. This unwavering commitment to safety and eco-friendliness is solidified by its 100% biodegradable composition, ensuring a minimal environmental impact.

Additionally, our product is meticulously engineered to be non-flammable, providing you with a safe and reliable cleaning solution for various applications.

Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the extraordinary power of Z-Cleaner™ Heavy Duty Super Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner and witness the transformative difference it can make in your cleaning endeavors.


Discover the wide-ranging applications of Z-Cleaner™ Heavy Duty Super Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner for optimal results in various settings:

  • VINYL - VINYL SEATS: Effortlessly rejuvenate vinyl surfaces and vinyl seats to their pristine condition.
  • MOLD & MILDEW STAINS: Tackle stubborn mold and mildew stains with ease and efficiency.
  • AWNINGS: Keep awnings spotless and immaculate for a lasting impression.
  • RUBBER: Restore the shine and cleanliness of rubber materials.
  • RV ROOFS: Maintain RV roofs in top-notch condition for enhanced longevity.
  • DINGHIES/INFLATABLES: Safely clean and refresh dinghies and inflatables for an appealing look.
  • FENDERS: Remove dirt and grime from fenders effortlessly.
  • POWER CORDS: Ensure power cords are clean and well-maintained for optimal performance.
  • BLACK STREAKS: Efface unsightly black streaks for a polished appearance.
  • FIBERGLASS: Gently clean fiberglass surfaces to preserve their lustrous finish.
  • NON-SKID DECKS: Keep non-skid decks impeccably clean and slip-resistant.
  • DIESEL SOOT: Effectively eliminate diesel soot for a clean environment.
  • ENGINE ROOMS: Keep engine rooms tidy and free from dirt and grease.
  • GREASE: Combat grease buildup with powerful cleaning action.
  • CEMENT: Effortlessly remove stains and marks from cement surfaces.
  • PATIO FURNITURE: Revitalize patio furniture for an inviting outdoor space.
  • TILE/GROUT: Achieve spotless tile and grout lines for a fresh appearance.
  • BATHROOMS: Clean and sanitize bathrooms for optimal hygiene.
  • SHOWERS: Maintain sparkling clean showers for a refreshing experience.
  • BBQ: Keep barbeque grills and surfaces free from residue and grime.
  • SNEAKERS: Renew the look of sneakers for a fresh and polished appearance.
  • GOLF CARTS/ GOLF CART SEATS: Maintain golf carts and their seats in pristine condition.
  • Plus, many more applications! Our versatile cleaner is even suitable for use in laundry tasks.

For the best outcomes on smooth surfaces, we recommend using Z-Scrubber™ Cleaning pad in conjunction with Z-Cleaner™ Heavy Duty Super Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Elevate your cleaning routine with our professional-grade solutions.

* For even faster results, use with Z-Scrubber™ cleaning pad on smooth surfaces.

* Please see FAQ page for dilution instructions.


• Part #: ZC-1Gc


• UPC: 608866351429