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Z-Scrubber™ Cleaning Pad – an innovative and highly effective cleaning solution designed to surpass your expectations. Our Z-Scrubber™ incorporates two Melamine pads meticulously enclosed within a durable sponge, offering a prolonged lifespan for your cleaning endeavors. When paired with our exceptional Z-Cleaner™ solution, the Z-Scrubber™ cleaning pad effortlessly eradicates dirt and grime, achieving unparalleled cleanliness.

Notably, our Z-Scrubber Pads are intentionally dry and do not contain the Z-Cleaner solution, which is available for separate purchase. To ensure optimal results, we recommend conducting a test on an inconspicuous area with light pressure to assess any potential surface sensitivity. It is essential to avoid using the Z-Scrubber™ on polished/glossy, brushed, satin, dark, or faux finishes. Additionally, please refrain from using it in conjunction with chlorine bleach for best outcomes.

We take pride in providing a versatile cleaning solution suitable for a myriad of applications, including Boat Hulls, Fiberglass, Fenders, Power Cords, Awnings, Dinghies/Inflatables, Patio Furniture, Rubber, Fiberglass bathroom enclosures, Tile, and many more. Experience the power of Z-Scrubber™ in transforming your cleaning routine into an efficient and effortless process.

Please note that the Z-Scrubbers are sold separately from the Z-Cleaner, and they do not come pre-coated with the Z-Cleaner solution. Rest assured, the Z-Scrubbers are delivered in their dry state, ready to unleash their cleaning potential upon your command. Elevate your cleaning experience with the Z-Scrubber™ Cleaning Pad today.


*Always test products in a inconspicuous area with light pressure to be sure no scratching or damage occurs to surface. 

*Always test products in a inconspicuous area with light pressure to be sure no scratching or damage occurs to surface.

Part# ZS-1-R